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Firm to get skyscraper project off the ground (2)

(China Daily)

09:59, September 06, 2011

Wu Chengtao, editor of Skyscraper Magazine, said: "The building, to some degree, demonstrates the city's image and economic strength, and will attract more investment. Besides, the competition among cities, both at home and abroad, has become more and more fierce, triggering many cities to pursue more super high-rise buildings."

He said at least three skyscrapers above 600 meters were under construction in Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen. The number of buildings higher than 500 meters is much larger, "and I can't remember them all", he added.

"Considering its economic strength and influence as the Chinese capital, Beijing could build one higher than 700 meters," said Wu. "However, the tallest building will be about 510 meters, which shows the city is pursuing stable development."

The design of the new skyscraper adopts many elements from traditional culture, such as the Kongming (Floating Paper) Lamp. "The building will remind people of the ancient Chinese city, representing Beijing's image perfectly," said Wu.

However, the high-rise will bring about some problems, experts say.

"Having a large amount of people concentrated in a limited place will put huge pressure on transport and the environment," said Yan Jinming, a professor of land management at Remin University of China. "Plus, the requirements for foundations, equipment to prevent disasters and fires are more strict, thus the cost is much higher."

Wu agreed and said that since the CITIC Group is involved in broad business, lots of related enterprises will move closer for convenience, causing a hike in rental prices.

"However, as more jobs will be created, on a whole, the advantages brought by the new skyscraper will outweigh the disadvantages," he added.

Hu Yuanyuan contributed to this story.

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