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2 executed after court turns down their appeal

(Shanghai Daily)

08:24, September 02, 2011

A Former political adviser in northeast China and a man he had hired to kill the owner of a construction company were executed yesterday.

Property developer Wang Wenxiang, 51, once a member of standing committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, paid several million yuan to have Zhong Yishi killed over a business dispute.

In December 2008, Zhong brought a lawsuit against Wang, and that intensified business conflicts between them as Wang had already lost an earlier case. Wang asked Bai Peng, then his secretary, to have Zhong killed.

Bai approached Yu Yi, who received a death sentence with reprieve, to help. He was to be paid 200,000 yuan (US$31,336).

On May 18, 2009, Bai and Yu attacked Zhong outside his home. They strangled him and took the body to a brickyard where they set it alight.

Wang and Bai were tracked down about a week later after police had studied video recordings of the neighborhood where Zhong lived.

The three were sentenced at the Intermediate People's Court in Harbin.

Judges at a higher court rejected appeals from Wang and Bai, saying that they were the principal criminals and should be sentenced to death.


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