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Pub owner jailed, fined for gay shows

(Shanghai Daily)

08:21, September 02, 2011

A local pub owner who organized gay performances was sentenced to five months in jail and fined 5,000 yuan (US$783) for pornography, the Huangpu District People's Court said yesterday.

Wang Bing, 47, owns a pub in the downtown area and is also a marketing director of a local arts venue. When his pub first opened, business was not good, and he decided to try gay performances to attract customers.

Wang met Xiao Hui, a bar dancer, early last March and invited him to perform at his pub on March 18 and April 2. Xiao's performance, naked on top and wearing transparent T-back, attracted several dozen customers to watch. Wang paid Xiao 600 yuan for each performance, according to the court.

Police soon raided the pub following complaints of nearby neighbors.

Wang pleaded guilty, claiming he regretted introducing the show. The court said Wang should be punished for organizing porn performances, but whether Xiao would be punished was not known yesterday.


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GAM at 2012-02-16109.238.72.*
I"m sure nobody would complain if there had been female dancers. Like on the average trade fair.

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