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UFO sighted in many Chinese cities

(People's Daily Online)

14:22, August 31, 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

On Aug. 20, a huge glowing bubble-shaped floating object was spotted in many cities in China.

Some witness claimed that the glowing object grew bigger and bigger as time passed. "It was several hundred times bigger than the moon, with a diameter of more than 50 nautical miles. About 20 minutes later, the shining bubble became darker and gradually disappeared," one witness said.

On Aug. 20, a pilot of China Southern Airlines posted on the microblog that the unidentified flying object was more than 10,000 meters above Shanghai when it was spotted. He said he was in the cockpit when he saw the object. Later his post was followed and forwarded by many internet users.

"It was so big and so round! At first I thought it was just an illusion, but the copilot asked me whether I have seen the bubble too," the pilot said, "At least 10 pilots in this area reported the object to the air control traffic bureau when I reported it."

Besides in Shanghai, some amateur astronomers and netizens in Beijing, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and other cities also spotted the glowing bubble about the same time as the Shanghai sightings.

Shortly hours after the bizarre object was spotted, some words like "glowing bubble," "UFO," "Aliens" and so on became hot keywords on the internet. And the subject of why the object appeared in China was also quite popular on the internet.

Wang Sichao, researcher of the Purple Mountain Observatory under the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nanjing, said that this object could be a special spacecraft that can hardly be explained with current aircraft technology.

Some astronomy experts said that the UFO is a phenomenon caused by the fuel of a thruster that diffused in outer space. Although people are still guessing about the cause of the bubble, other evidence shows that similar phenomena accompany the launch of an intercontinental missile.

But many netizens still argued that the object belongs to an extraterrestrial lifeform.


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Jack at 2011-09-08222.90.74.*
When I was seven, one day after lunch, I was having a nap, suddenly I was wakened by noise outside. Villiagers are shouting, "TianGu, TianGu", meaning big drums in the sky, I ran outside, yet it was already gone, leaving many excited villiagers talking about it.
Riquin at 2011-09-0476.109.59.*
This UFO business really got me very mad, to the point that I contacted my attorney to see if there is a point to file a discrimination class action suit against the extraterrestrials. How come they show up all over Russia, Norway, the US, Australia, Tasmania, and etc. but in Boynton Beach, Florida NADA, SIPO. In Boynton we have nice beaches full of female earthlings in very small bikinis, excellent restaurants, moderate price shopping centers, etc. We are getting discriminated and we are out the loop. I have not seen one and I go out at night to see at least a small one. We are not asking for a full display just something that we can photograph and show to our friends. Please !!!
Zara at 2011-09-0324.93.134.*
They"re projections; the false-flag invasion is going to happen. Look at the all the UFO/Alien/End of the world TV shows and movies. "They" are probably here, but this probably isn"t "them" most of the time.
David at 2011-09-0169.181.139.*
The reason there seem to be so many UFO incidents in China maybe because aliens believe that the Chinese will not bow down to the US government and cover up facts about UFOs. The US military/intelligence community has been keeping the truth about aliens/UFOs a secret for many years now. The aliens are probably hoping that the Chinese will break this world-wide secrecy pact.

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