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Two infected with anthrax in NE China

(China Daily)

13:11, August 23, 2011

SHENYANG - Two people have been confirmed infected with cutaneous anthrax, while 33 others were suspected as having the disease in Liaoning Province, health authorities said Tuesday.

Wang Tianyu, an official with the emergency response office of the Liaoning Health Bureau, said the two patients - both locals in Niuzhuang Township, Haicheng City - were diagnosed after their cell samples tested positive for the disease by state-level labs.

Suspected anthrax infection cases were first reported in Haicheng on August 6. All those 35 people either confirmed or suspected to have the disease have been hospitalized.

"No new suspected anthrax infection cases have been reported for the past 11 days," said Wang.

He said the patients were suspected to have been infected with the cutaneous anthrax through skin contact with diseased cattle. So far, local authorities have slaughtered 551 cattle and seized 2,450 beef products on the market.

No one has died from the disease after the epidemic was discovered in the province, said Wang.


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