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Young survivor transferred to Shanghai

(China Daily)

10:13, August 23, 2011

Xiang Weiyi is carried by her grandmother (left) and a nurse at the Shanghai Xinhua Hospital as she is transferred to the hospital for further treatment on Monday. Cao Lei / for China Daily

SHANGHAI - The two-year-old girl pulled from the wreckage of last month's deadly high-speed train crash arrived in Shanghai for further treatment on Monday.

Accompanied by her grandma and uncle, Xiang Weiyi was transferred to Shanghai's Xinhua Hospital by ambulance at 12:50 am. The hospital is famous for its pediatrics, and has a number of well-known pediatric experts.

Nicknamed Yiyi by Chinese netizens, the girl was trapped for more than 21 hours following the July 23 crash in Wenzhou, East China's Zhejiang province. Her left leg was squeezed in the wreckage and is seriously injured.

The girl's parents were killed in the crash that left 40 dead and nearly 200 injured.

"So far, little Yiyi has been put into the ward. A dozen experts have already checked her, and her specific condition is still being appraised," Wu Hao, deputy president of Xinhua Hospital, said at a short briefing on Monday.

"Our doctors have had several discussions and given a thorough study of the treatment plan," Wu said.

Zhao Li, director of the hospital's pediatric orthopedics department, said doctors from surgical, rehabilitation, psychology, orthopedics and other departments have carried out a preliminary check on the girl.

"Next we'll have an appraisal on the muscle and nerves of her lower left leg," he said.

The girl is in stable condition and the first phase of treatment aims to close the leg wounds, Zhao said.

"The muscles of her leg were badly injured. And the functioning of the muscles and nerves have yet to be checked," he said. "The final treatment plan will be formed after all appraisal work is finished."

Xiang Yuyu, the girl's uncle, wrote on his micro blog on Monday that he hoped people would avoid visiting the girl so hospital staff could focus on her recovery.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the doctors. But the baby has been crying, perhaps she has not yet adapted to the new environment," he said.


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