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Distrust swirls around charity

By Zhao Yinan (China Daily)

12:00, August 20, 2011

Lu Xingyu and her father Lu Junqing, seen at a news conference in Beijing on Friday, respond to questions about the China-Africa Project Hope charity.( China Daily /Zhu Xingxin)

BEIJING - The public continues to question whether the manager of an international charitable schooling project involving at least 1.5 billion yuan ($235 million) is qualified to run the project, showing the public's deepened distrust of unsupervised charities in the country.

Lu Xingyu, executive chairwoman of the China-Africa Project Hope, has been under public scrutiny since netizens learned that the well-funded international project to establish 1,000 primary schools across Africa in 10 years is directed by a the 24-year-old woman.

Lu said that she has been in charge of promoting funds, maintaining foreign connections and organizing activities in the project, and that she has proved her capability for the position.

The Sino-African project is a charitable initiative begun last year that raises money ,mostly from members of the World Eminence Chinese Business Association, an elite club founded by Lu's father, Lu Junqing, in 2005.

The Hong Kong-registered World Eminence Chinese Business Association charges members registration fees and provides opportunities to communicate with government officials on forums, conferences and even sports activities it holds.

Lu Junqing said his daughter has been "unjustly treated" and that the public and the media have misinterpreted his daughter's sincerity in the charity.

A netizen going by the name "Laokalaole" said on her micro blog that she thinks the project is more like an elaborate "toy" a well-to-do father gave a spoiled daughter than a real charitable program.

Kong Ying, a graduate student in Beijing, however, told China Daily she supports the project because "no matter how it happens, charity should not be questioned".

"But it might be better if the project was managed by a professional who is experienced in organizing charitable events, instead of putting the money into the hands of a young girl," she said.

Aside from Lu's qualifications to manage the project, the need for a foreign program is being questioned when schools for migrants' children have recently been closed at home.

Since June, at least 24 schools for children of migrant workers in Beijing have been shut down, leaving more than 14,000 students without classrooms in the coming school year.


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Richard at 2011-08-2174.132.233.*
I believe that it all boils down to these core questions: Does she have the necessary skills to perform the job? Have there been a problem in the past while working with the charity? Age should not be looked at. Seniority does not give you the special privilege to be a leader. Intelligence and experience, not age, should be the driving factor.
fu_manchu at 2011-08-21180.183.203.*
Trusts, Trustees, Board, Estates, Wills, Administrators, Executors, Assignors, etc..., all these need to be clarified as to appointments, powers, responsibilities, etc., including criminal breach of trusts,and so on need to be spelled out. Is there such an Act or law on these in China? It is nothing new in many countries.
Ang at 2011-08-2060.50.13.*
Wakeup Miss Kong Ying, If charity cannot be question, I want to run a chairty and how I use the fund is not questionable
xa xa xa at 2011-08-2068.173.166.*
the only charity is for the lu,s and the money they collect for selling china together with corrupt officials. charities n.g.o,s are nothing else but forces of diversion and corruption.
elee at 2011-08-20183.39.92.*
Questions, Questions!Such Charity deems suitable for rich guys who wish to take a peep for a fee at VIPs & polticians for favours without a question. The fees, donations received & audit reports have to be made public too in order to avert suspicions.

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