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The Road of History: Wukang Road in Shanghai


13:51, August 18, 2011

A western villa located on Wukang Road.

The foreword to the feature series on cultural and historical roads and communities:

It is within China's time-honored street communities that the cherished memories of a city are hidden. These communities reflect the city's historical roots and the traditional ways of life for the people who live there. As modern cities develop, a great number of valuable locations are either being abandoned or demolished. In an effort to preserve and emphasize the significance of what remains, CRI is publishing a series of features on China's cultural and historical streets.

The Road of History: Wukang Road in Shanghai

Shanghai is a Chinese city which has been greatly influenced by foreign culture during the course of its prosperity. Wukang Road, which measures just over one thousand meters in length, is a concrete representation of the city's international and cosmopolitan character.

Located in Xuhui district of downtown Shanghai, the road was formerly named Route Ferguson, in honor of the American missionary John Calvin Ferguson who was sent to China at the turn of the 20th century.

The road used to be in the French Concession and was bordered by western-style buildings. In recent years, a collection of newly built Spanish villas have been added to the area, making the road a popular sightseeing spot for tourists.

Besides its western allure, the road was also home to many Chinese celebrities during the mid 20th century. The residences of Chinese literary figure Ba Jin, star singer Zhou Xuan and established actor and film director Sun Daolin are all located along the road.

This year, Wukang road was recognized as one of China's historical and cultural roads, for its embodiment of foreign culture in Shanghai.


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