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Beijing-Shanghai hi-speed rail runs on new schedule

(Beijing News)

16:28, August 16, 2011

Edited and translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

Starting last night at midnight, the Beijing-Tianjin and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railways began to run according to a new schedule. On the first day of the new timetable’s enforcement, the second class seat tickets were hot items. As of 9:00 p.m., the second class seat tickets of 24 out of the 32 High speed railway trains departing from Beijing to Shanghai have sold out.

Most of the second class seat tickets have sold out.

Starting today, prices for Beijing-Tianjin High Speed railway train tickets dropped 3 yuan while the travel time increased from 30 minutes to 33 minutes. But the number trains in circulation will remain at 70 pairs. Meanwhile, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will maintain its ticket price and schedule but reduce the trains in circulation from 88 pairs to 66 pairs.

The website of Beijing railway customer service center shows that as of 9:00 p.m. the second class seat tickets of last night 24 of the 32 high-speed railway trains departing from Beijing to Shanghai have sold out. But most trains still have surplus tickets for the first class seats and business seats.

In order to guarantee the sufficient transportation capacity 21 units of CRH380A (L) trains produced by the China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd have been transferred to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail way.

Passengers warned: Purchase tickets in advance

The person in charge of the Beijing Railway Station reminded the passengers to pay attention to the new changes in the schedule and ticket price of Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Tianjin high-speed railway.

As we are in the summer peak time for passenger transport, Beijing Railway Station suggested passengers for the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway buy tickets in advanced and online purchase would be the recommended method.
(Liu Chunrui/Qinyue)


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