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Bus crash kills four Taiwanese, injures 15

(People's Daily Online)

14:38, August 16, 2011

The scene of a crash that injured a Taiwanese tour group in Jilin province. (Xinhua/Zhou Jun)

Edited and Translated by Ma Xi, People's Daily Online

A tourist bus crashed on the highway in Jilin province leaving four Taiwanese tourists dead at the scene and 15 injured.

According to the Jilin Publicity Department, the bus overturned after colliding with a car on the Hunchun-Ulanhot expressway in Jilin province around 440 kilometers away from Changchun. Four Taiwanese tourists were killed instantly, including one man and three women, and of the 15 injured, 14 were Taiwanese tourists.

The tour leader provided a list of the dead: The three women killed were Lv Huiyu, 42; Zhao Zhuo, 62; Liao Xiuyun, 42, and the man was Wang Mingwei, 24.

Moreover, the injured tourists were mostly elderly. The oldest injured tourist is around 80 years old and the youngest victim was about 50 years old. Five of them were hurt seriously, but their injuries are not life threatening.

According to the local public security bureau, the bus had a capacity of 39 people and carried a real load of 21 people. It belongs to the Heilongjiang Juntai Transport Co., Ltd.

The departments of public security, fire control, the Taiwan Affairs Office have actively operated scene rescue, accident investigation and follow-up care for victims after the tragedy. The Jilin provincial party committee secretary Sun Zhengcai issued instructions immediately requiring proper handling of the aftermath and genuine care in helping the victims. The vice-governor Chen Weigen visited the injured in the First Hospital of Jilin University.

The responsible person of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office is heading for Changchun.

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CaseyOrourke at 2011-08-2896.44.178.*
Such things will continue to happen on Chinese highways until Chinese drivers stop acting like idiots on the road and start driving like intelligent beings.

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