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Xinjiang launches anti-terrorism campaign

(People's Daily)

14:28, August 16, 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

To implement the decisions of the national anti-terrorism conference and the work of anti-terrorism deployment in Xinjiang, the Xinjiang Public Security Department has started a special campaign to crack down on violent terrorist crimes.

This campaign will last two months from Aug. 11 to Oct. 15.

This special campaign aims to eliminate violent terrorist groups, arrest terrorist criminals, root out the behind-the-scenes organizers and curb the momentum of frequent terrorist activities to ensure security for the upcoming China-Eurasia Expo and the National Day holidays.

In this special campaign, the public security organs will focus on detecting and eliminating unsafe elements, strengthen the capability to investigate the crimes and severely punish the criminals by law. They will also crack down illegal religious activities.

Those who publicize and spread violent terrorism or extreme religious thought will be severely punished. The public organs will investigate and crack down on illegal actives, such as producing, selling, storing and transmitting illegal publicity materials. Meanwhile, the public security organs will also combat various online crimes

Security will also be tightened around the city. The public security organs will conduct a 24-hour patrol to safeguard security in Xinjiang, especially in the public areas such as the square, station market, business districts and downtown areas.

Maintaining a strike-hard policy in the crackdown against violent crimes is the top priority for the public security organs in Xinjiang. Xinjiang Public Security Department vows to implement the special campaign to maintain social order and safeguard the security for the first "China-Eurasia Expo" and National Day.


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