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Sniper practices hand-to-hand combat in heels

(People's Daily Online)

13:13, August 11, 2011

Jia Zhen, a 24-year-old girl, comes from Jinan City of Shandong province. She joined the army in 2006. Now she is a corporal, a CPC member and a member of the Tianjin special police college female SWAT team squad. She has participated in security tasks for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the National Day Celebrations. For her good performance she was awarded a second-class merit

In December 2006, Jia joined the armed police forces from the History and Culture Institute of Shandong University. On the first day she came here, Jia vowed to be an excellent sniper, following the example of world-famous snipers such as Simon, Vasily, Lyudimilla etc.

After she enlisted in the first shooting course she was awarded 0 points, a very bad score. Because of the high-intensity training she suffered from periostitis in her leg but she concealed the illness from the leaders and finished the whole training despite the sharp pain. As a result her leg swelled and turned black. Because of the interminable pain, she always woke up at midnight and cried lying in bed. But she wiped away the tears and did not delay any of the training.

After two years of hard study and practice, Jia Zhen finally became smart, calm and reserved. She had sharp eyes and mastered the consummate skill to be able to kill the enemy in one shot.

Last April, 117 sniper masters of the armed police force gathered in Beijing to compete for the qualification of the Ninth World Police Sniper Shooting Championship. In the end of the competition, Guo Shujun, the general referee and college vice president, went to examine the target he saw that all of the 20 bullets hit the throat. "One-shot kills. The girl's shooting skill is excellent," he said. "The first, Jia zhen."

Jia Zhen also has many other unique skills. During the Beijing Olympics Games she received a special task: To practice fighting with hands while wearing cheongsam and high-heeled shoes. Two months later, the heels of many high-heeled shoes she wore were crushed and she finally could fight against three persons at the same time.

Up to now Jia Zhen has shot hundreds of bullets. Even in the same firing conditions, she will always think about it over and over again to ensure the precision of every shot.

Jia Zhen still keeps all of the target papers she once used, and she can remember clearly the temperature humidity, wind direction, wind speed and impact points' distribution in the paper, which is like a file of every shot.

"The achievements only can represent the past," Jia said.

She told the reporter that she has just returned from the Tenth World Police Sniper Shooting Championships held in Hungary as the first female player and her greatest feeling is there is always someone who is better.


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