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Chongqing rated safest, most stable city in China

(People's Daily Online)

15:04, August 10, 2011

The Chongqing Evening News reported Chongqing has become the safes and most stable city of China. Liu Guanglei, municipal committee secretary of Chongqing, said Chongqing City has won first place according to the "2010 National Social Security Comprehensive Management Evaluation."

The Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Public Security recently issued a report releasing the results of "2010 National Social Security Comprehensive Management Evaluation" of all China's provinces and municipalities. Chongqing City obtained the first place in the Evaluation, and it is the very first time for this city to obtain this honor.

The National Social Security Comprehensive Management Evaluation started in 2004.It is a kind of assessment of all the provinces and cities that is approved by central authorities and implemented by the Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Public Security.

This assessment is based on more than 70 indexes, such as the safety of the masses; social regulation dispute resolution and mediation; comprehensive management of grass-roots infrastructure; social management; innovation; propaganda, and leaders' responsibility in comprehensive management of public security, etc. This evaluation can comprehensively reflect the overall level of social order, social stability and safe construction of provinces and cities.

Liu Guanglei said, Chongqing City's public security index has increased a lot in recent years. According to the survey of a public opinion investigation center, the city public security index has stayed at more than 90 percent in the last 7 years and reached nearly 96 percent in 2010, creating a new record.

In the national comprehensive evaluation, Chongqing City ranked nineteenth in 2008, thirteenth in 2009 and the first in 2010, with a score of more than 93 percent, becoming China's excellent city in comprehensive management for two consecutive years. The evaluation shows that Chongqing has become the safest and most stable city in China.


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