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Chemical plant to be relocated after dike breach in Dalian


14:22, August 10, 2011

A chemical plant in northeast China's city of Dalian will be relocated after a dike near the plant was breached by high waves from a tropical storm last weekend, according to the city government.

The exact details of the relocation plan will be worked out after a comprehensive investigation and assessment is completed, Li Wancai, mayor of the city of Dalian, announced Tuesday night.

He didn't give a timetable for the relocation.

The breached dike has been repaired and no chemical leaks have been reported, Li said. He added that the government will investigate the cause of the dike breach in response to public concerns about the integrity of the dike's construction.

The dike was breached by high waves on Monday, threatening to hit the Fujia chemical plant located just 50 meters behind the dike. Fears of a possible chemical spill prompted the relocation efforts.


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