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Hangzhou to hold public hearing on taxi fares after strike


09:08, August 10, 2011

A public hearing on taxi fares will be held in the city of Hangzhou of east China's Zhejiang Province in September after a three-day strike by drivers in early August, according to local authorities on Tuesday.

The public hearing will consist of 24 people that includes government officials, academics, taxi drivers and 10 members of the general public, according to a statement from the municipal pricing bureau.

The statement requires that all those who apply to participate in the hearing should promise to offer their objective opinions and agree to disclose personal information, such as name, occupation and address, so as to make sure the hearing is transparent.

More than 1,500 taxi drivers protested against rising fuel costs and decreasing income from August 1 to 3 as the starting rate of 10 yuan (1.55 U.S. dollars) has remained the same for eight years.

After authorities adopted some emergency measures, such as providing temporary subsidies to taxi drivers, the strike came to an end.


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