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New stereo mapping satellite to launch by year's end

(People's Daily Online)

11:10, August 09, 2011

Song Chaozhi, the deputy director-general of the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geological Information, announced that China's first civilian stereo mapping satellite ZY-3 will be launched at the end of the year at a news conference held by the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China on Aug. 8.

In the new satellite, the variation of terrain, landform, the earth's surface and the surface features, and the western 1:50000 primary scale topographic maps should be revamped continuously. The satellite ZY-3 will contribute to the improvement of the update speed, condition and accuracy.

What' more, China is urgently developing surveying and mapping series satellites, such as the gravity satellite and the radar satellite, after ZY-3 to ensure the information can be received in any weather condition so that the stability and reliability of satellite data sources used for national basic surveying and mapping can be guaranteed.

Furthermore, various construction projects of the 1:50000 topographic mapping engineering for blank western area have all been finished and will meet final approval. At that time, 2 million square kilometers of unmapped territory, including Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the southern desert and the Hengduan Mountains, will never be a blank area any more.


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