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China to purify Internet environment for children


08:50, August 09, 2011

China has vowed to purify the Internet environment for children and provide guidance for their online activities in order to prevent them from addiction, according to a government plan released Monday.

The Outline for the Development of Chinese Children (2011-2020) says that China will "facilitate a healthy Internet environment for children" by providing free or low-priced public Internet access exclusive to children, and applying special software to "filtrate away harmful information."

The outline highlights efforts to crack down on illicit cyber bars in the next decade.

"Cyber bars should post notices that forbid minors from entering," it said, adding that families and schools should guide children to use the Internet properly.

The document also established new goals in the fields of health, education, welfare, social environment and legal protection.

Relevant policies will be made to guarantee children's rights to subsistence, development, protection and participation, according to the outline.

The outline aims to boost children's physical and mental health, as well as to narrow the development gap between children from urban and rural areas.


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