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Public demand greater transparency of charities following Red Cross trust crisis (3)


08:42, August 09, 2011


Wang said that most public charities in China are government-sponsored organizations. He said these organizations have neither the motivation nor the pressure to disclose information properly.

Although there are laws and regulations in place that tell charity groups how they should disclose their information, specific guidelines are lacking, he said.

Experts have called for instituting third-party supervision over the operation of the country's charity groups.

Lu Hanlong, vice president of the Chinese Sociological Association, said there should be a supervision system in place that integrates third-party evaluation institutions, the media, donators and the public.

The aforementioned Guo Meimei scandal was far from being the first of its kind. The former vice chairman of the RCSC's Kunming branch was previously accused of using donations for personal use. A cashier working for the RCSC's Wenzhou branch was found embezzling 1.26 billion yuan over the course of five years.

Statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs show that the total amount of donations made last year stood around 100 billion yuan

Liu Youping, vice director of the China Charity & Donation Information Center, said transparency is the lifeblood of charities, adding that the public will not fully restore its trust in charity groups until the information they demand is made publicly available.

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