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Top police chief warns terrorists of 'iron fist'

(Shanghai Daily)

08:53, August 05, 2011

China will show no leniency to those who perpetrate terrorist activities, the country's police chief said yesterday, just days after deadly attacks hit a city in its far-west Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

"Those criminals who dare to test the law and commit violent terrorist acts will be shown no leniency, no appeasement and no soft heart," Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu said during an anti-terrorism meeting in the region's capital, Urumqi.

Two violent terrorist attacks in Xinjiang's Kashgar city last weekend killed at least 14 people and injuring 42 others.

Meng said the attacks severely damaged the region's economic and social development and ethnic unity. "No matter who it is, if they have broken the law, if they have jeopardized the people's lives and property, if they have engaged in splitting the country or impaired ethnic unity, they will be firmly handled according to law," Meng said.

"Recent occurrences of violent terrorist crimes in Xinjiang have caused numerous casualties among innocent people and seriously impacted Xinjiang's economic and social development and ethnic unity," he said.

Meng vowed to resolutely crack down on "severely violent terrorism cases."

Efforts should be made to understand the "severity, complexity and lasting nature" of the current anti-terrorism situation and increase the country's sense of urgency and responsibility in order to maintain stability, he said.

He vowed to "severely punish and never tolerate those who are involved in terrorism." Meng stressed that "everyone is equal before the law" and that those who threaten people's lives and property or engage in separatist activities must be resolutely dealt with in line with the law.

He pledged to "never be soft" on terrorists, ordering the mobilization of more anti-terrorism forces and stating that authorities will handle terrorists with an "iron fist" in order to boost the public's sense of security.

Xinjiang is of special importance and plays a strategic role in the country's overall development, Meng said, adding that "Xinjiang's stability has a bearing on the region's development, as well as the nation's overall stability, security and unification."

"The promotion of reform and development should be combined with safeguarding social stability," he said.

Efforts should also be made to improve the public's knowledge of ethnic diversity and unity, the minister said.

Hotbeds of violent terrorism should be rooted out by extending education and prevention work to corners of villages and urban communities where extremists tend to gather, he said.

Meng also pledged to increase the "pertinence, timeliness and initiative" of anti-terrorism efforts.

He asked local governments to "keep a sober mind" and enhance their anti-terrorism capabilities.

Xinjiang, home to China's Uygur minority and other ethnic groups, has suffered a series of terrorist attacks in recent years.

Police tangled with 14 rioters who attacked a police station and killed four people in the city of Hotan on July 18.

The four people killed were an armed police officer, a security guard, a woman and a teenage girl. At least four others were injured.

One of the region's largest terror-related disturbances occurred on July 5, 2009, when knife-wielding rioters looted shops, torched vehicles and killed nearly 200 people.


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aa at 2011-08-05114.59.133.*
As far as the western country supports this terrorist movement , then this incident will happen anytime , anywhere.

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