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People's Daily website revamps English version

By Wen Sheng (People's Daily Online)

16:54, August 04, 2011

The English version of the, the website of China's most important newspaper The People's Daily, took on a new look on Aug. 4, 2011. The restructuring is aimed at better serving the vast amounts of readers at home and abroad.

The managing board of the website said the facelift of the English-language sub-site would assist readers in browsing for information about China, a country that has a population of more than 1.3 billion as well as a distinctive and formidable culture and an economy that is growing at a faster rate than any other in the world.

A major feature of the facelift is that the new English website will place significant emphasis on opinions, including editorials of The People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the ruling Communist Party of China , commentaries of other mass-circulation Chinese news organizations and observations of prominent China watchers and academicians.

The People's Daily website is duty-bound to introduce China's policies and the Chinese people's thoughts — "the views and visions about both China and the world" — to all foreigners who have interest in China. The Chinese version of the website is conspicuous among sites for giving extraordinary ink to reportage of opinions, too.

And, as the most authoritative news organization in the country, the revised site will cover activities and speeches of China's top leadership from all dimensions. Through the above reports, it is hoped that the foreign readers are able to get a clearer grasp of where China is headed.

Other key changes include new columns on China's defense construction and its foreign affairs policies, two areas that have drawn rising interest among foreign readers. And, the new China Features stories will give readers a lively grasp of Chinese people's current life.

The new website will strive to draw feedback from readers by putting the most thought-provoking opinions online in a timely fashion. Only through lively interactions with the readers, can the new website accelerate in its reportage and make progress.

As the new site is on a trial run, the readers might encounter some problems browsing it. They are asked to kindly email the site their problems, and the site will be grateful for their effort.


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PD User at 2011-08-22123.115.128.*
第一次来人民网英文版,没想到还挺有收获的,以后会常来看看grateful for your effort too
PD User at 2011-08-12116.2.32.*
张晴 at 2011-08-12116.2.32.*
josh at 2011-08-1099.122.84.*
i agree, it looks much better and is easier to use.
Robert at 2011-08-07124.168.67.*
The new site is a big improvement on the old.

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