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Dear readers,

The English version of the People's Daily Online, which currently records the largest number of pageviews for an English-language website in China, is also the most authoritative English-language website in China. With China opening up to the world more and more, the English version of the People's Daily Online serves as an important channel for the world to understand China. The English version of the People's Daily Online updates its website with breaking news as it happens every day. The China, Business, Opinion, World, Sci-Edu, Life, and Sports channels not only includes news from the newspapers and magazines published by the People's Daily, it also translates, edits and reports important news from other mainstream media around China.

With your great concerns, we have made continuous progress and have been rewarded with much success in building our website and providing worldwide service since it went online on January 14, 1998. Your views, valuable opinions and suggestions are important and indispensable to the improvement of our website. Our "Voice of Readers" column welcomes your valuable suggestions. Let our People's Daily Online (English Version) be with you. Thanks!