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    NewsletterApril 29, 2004

    1. 45 students boycott college entrance exams
    2. Aiming to be better understood, CPC talks with China experts
    3. China gas deal with Russia 'in pipeline'
    4. China rejects Philippine's accusation on South China Sea issue
    1. Polluted water raises a stink in Hangzhou
    2. No sign of let up in China's skyscraper building spree
    3. Violent dispute over wages leads to detentions of 9 in South China
    4. China adds 1.2 bln yuan to drought-hit regions
    1. Shanghai exchange prepares for int'l board
    2. Chinese firms show up in large-scale at Dubai's automotive trade fair
    3. Produce and meat prices continue to rise but at slower rate
    4. Cambodia, China trade leaps to 498 mln USD in Q1: data
    1. Huge fire hits Gaddafi's residential compound in Tripoli
    2. Israeli army braced for more protests along borders
    3. Russia opposes UN condemnation of Syria
    4. Fighter jet goes down in Wisconsin, U.S.
    1. Coffee drinking improves hepatitis C treatment response: study
    2. Report says that U.S. makes no progress in Salmonella during past 15 years
    3. Salmonella remains biggest foodborne threat to Americans: CDC
    4. Another patient suspected of E.coli hospitalized in Poland
    1. Injured Tiger Woods to skip US Open
    2. U.S. wins Canada 2-0 in CONCACAF Gold Cup soccer match
    3. Ireland beats Italy 2-0 in friendly
    4. Germany win to go 10 points clear in Euro 2012 qualifier