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Actual-troop exercise of ‘Cooperation Spirit 2012’ joint drill held

(China Military Online)

09:36, November 02, 2012

The “Cooperation Spirit 2012” China-Australia-New Zealand joint drill on humanitarian rescue and disaster relief came to an end after wrapping up actual-troop exercise on October 31, 2012 at the Gallipoli barracks in Australia.

During the exercise, medical detachments of the three sides mix-grouped and took joint actions on several subjects including setting up field clinics, evacuation of the wounded and patients after classification, diagnostic check, anti-shock of critical diseases and surgeries for combined injuries under the unified command of the joint medical-service command and coordination center.

The medical rescue involved ten types of injuries including burn, trauma, car accident, drowning and mental disease, covering the major types of hurts caused by natural disasters.

The observation delegations of senior military officers of the three countries watched the actual-troop exercise and spoke highly of it. They held this exercise was of great significance for strengthening the joint operation capability of the three sides in humanitarian rescue and disaster relief and for enhancing military mutual trust, deepening friendship and boosting the pragmatic cooperation between the three countries.
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