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Defense Ministry: Don't over-interpret normal PLA personnel changes

(China Military Online)

10:53, October 29, 2012

The recent reshuffle of the leaders of the four general headquarters/departments and other units of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is very normal and the public are expected not to read too much into the personnel appointment, said a Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman yesterday at a regular press conference.

At the monthly press conference of the Ministry of National Defense held on the afternoon of October 25, a reporter asked that how the Defense Ministry comments on the reshuffle happening recently in the PLA high level and whether the reshuffle aims to strengthen exchanges between the PLA general headquarters/departments and the military area commands of the PLA.

Spokesman Yang Yujun, who is also deputy director of the Information Office of the Ministry of National Defense, said that reshuffle of some leaders of the PLA major units including the four general headquarters/departments recently are normal personnel changes and over-interpretation from the public is not expected.

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