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"Super military fan" to join the army

(China Military Online)

08:20, October 25, 2012

Jiang Xingchen, known as the "Super military fan" on the Internet, is a young man living in Yangzhou of east China's Jiangsu province. Born in 1994, Jiang Xingchen , currently a student, set up the QQ (an instant massager, like MSN) group titled "Let's Join the Army" on the Internet in April of 2011, which attracted a large number of netizens who were interested in service life and willing to join the army.

Shortly, he founded an on-line publication Join the Army Journal and acted as the chief editor of the journal.

To date, the QQ group has pooled 200-plus members from its original 20-odd people.

When the winter military conscription started last year, the Join the Army Journal caught the attention of the PLA Daily; then a special report titled "Interview with Jiang Xingchen, host of QQ Group for Joining the Army" appeared on its website. Moreover, The PLA Daily has reached cooperation with Jiang and his QQ group on joint-running of the Join the Army Journal.

It is reported that Jiang Xingchen often initiate charitable activities in the "QQ group for Joining the Army", for which he has recently been honored as a "Good Youth around Us" of Jiangsu province by the local government. According to the local conscription office, as long as Jiang Xingchen passes the political and physical exams, he will be given the priority in the conscription approval.

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