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Essential abilities for safeguarding maritime sovereignty

(People's Daily Online)

16:02, October 24, 2012

The topic of defending national sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and maintaining maritime rights and interests of the South China Sea has recently become heated among media and the public.

The issue of safeguarding maritime rights and interests is too complicated to be completely resolved in a short time. Defending sovereignty has become an endurance competition. To win the competition, related countries need demonstrate the following abilities.

Psychological quality of the people of countries

People will pay great attention to the issue of safeguarding maritime rights and interests when it becomes the focus of media and the public, but the attention will be lowered with the passage of time. Therefore, only by keeping a usual psychological state can people adapt to the long-term and normalized safeguard of maritime rights and interests.

Economic strength

The maritime and sovereignty disputes, to some extent, are equivalent to economic war. On the one hand, there must be enough economic strength to meet the long-term and normalized maintenance of maritime rights and interests. On the other hand, it needs to minimize the impact of disputes on the economy. That is to say, safeguarding rights does not exert too much influence on economic development and construction, as well as current development speed. Only in this way, it could really achieve the long-term and normalized maintenance of maritime rights.

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