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China, Finland to enhance military relations

(China Military Online)

08:34, October 24, 2012

Lt. Gen. Qi Jianguo, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), held talks with Arto Räty, permanent secretary of the Finnish Ministry of Defense (MOD), who came to China for an official good-will visit, in Beijing on the morning of October 22, 2012.

Qi Jianguo said that Finland has long been pursuing a positive and friendly China policy, adding that the two countries have witnessed increasingly strengthened political mutual trust and constantly expanded economic and trade cooperation as well as mutual understanding and support in international affairs in recent years.

China is willing to make joint efforts with the Finland to constantly promote the relations between the two countries to new high levels, said Qi.

Qi Jianguo expressed his satisfaction to the relations between the two militaries by saying that the China-Finland military-to-military relations have been maintaining a good momentum of development in recent years, as evidenced by the pragmatic and effective exchanges and cooperation in the fields such as high-level exchange of visits, exchange of visits by professional delegations of different services and arms as well as personnel training.

The Chinese side is willing to work with the Finnish side to further strengthen the multi-level and multi-field exchanges and cooperation between the two militaries so as to add new content to the relations between the two militaries,Qi Jianguo told his Finnish guest.

Arto Räty said the relations between China and Finland have been developing very well in recent years. Finland attaches great importance to developing its relations with China and is pleased to see the increasingly important role that China has been playing in international affairs, said Räty, adding that enhancing understanding and strengthening cooperation between the two militaries are not only in favor of the two countries but also conducive to the international peace and stability.

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