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Beijing starts 2012 winter conscription

(PLA Daily)

08:16, October 18, 2012

The Conscription Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality held a press briefing yesterday to introduce the main policies and working plans of the winter conscription work.

According to Dong Guoquan, executive deputy director of the Conscription Office and deputy chief of staff of the Beijing Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), online registration has been fully realized in the Beijing 2012 winter conscription work.

The online registration has been carried out first on the capital conscription website ( since October 1. Young men and women of military age who want to join the army should visit the website to enter their names, and those who do not register online will not be able to participate in the following physical and political examinations, Dong Guoquan said.

This year's winter conscription in Beijing will still be carried out in line with the conscription policy adjusted in 2011, which gives priority to the youths who performed outstandingly in emergency rescue and disaster relief actions and post-disaster reconstruction efforts. All the students-turned compulsory servicemen recruited from colleges and universities in Beijing will enjoy related preferential policies.

Besides, posts in public servant systems, public institutions, state-owned enterprises and non-public economic organizations will still be provided to demobilized soldiers with college education backgrounds in a ratio of no less than 10%, 15% and 15%, so as to encourage more excellent youths to join the army.

Wang Wei, deputy director of the Political Department under the PLA Beijing Garrison, said that a total of 78 demobilized soldiers with college education backgrounds had become public servants since the new conscription policy was implemented in 2011.

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