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Psychological selection website for PLA servicemen launched

By Psychological selection website for PLA servicemen launched (PLA Daily)

08:13, October 17, 2012

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has launched the Psychological Selection Website for PLA Servicemen in 2012 and initiated the nationwide pilot promotion of the second-generation military conscription psychological test software, which will greatly improve the test accuracy and efficiency, apparently shorten the test time, and effectively reduce the cost for recruitment selection, the reporters learned on September 20, 2012 from the Fourth Military Medical University of the PLA.

"In the future, each working staff of the people's armed forces department can receive remote training, upload statistical data and conduct analysis and evaluation through the Psychological Selection Website for PLA Servicemen instead of carrying dozens of boxes of statistical materials each year," said a person with the Fourth Military Medical University of the PLA.

According to Miao Danmin, director of the Psychological Test Technical Center for National Conscription, the PLA has implemented the conscription psychological test work for over 10 years since its conscription agencies and scientific research organizations started the nationwide pilot in 2002. The Psychological Selection Website for PLA Servicemen is the PLA's second-generation nationwide conscription psychological test system to meet the requirement of the Internet age.

After more than two years of development and trial operation, the Psychological Selection Website for PLA Servicemen currently can achieve publicity functions such as conscription publicity and mobilization, introduction of arms posts and servicemen career guidance, the online studying and training function for recruiting citizens, and the information interactive function such as experts' online Q&A and experience sharing.

The psychological selection work for military personnel began in the World War I and World War II during which it had witnessed very fast development. After that, the psychological selection work of foreign militaries has gradually been regularized and systemized and become the important index for serviceman's post distribution and officer's promotion, and the selection means for special-post military personnel.

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