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New barracks available at Engh Hada sentry post

By Zou Weirong (People's Daily Online)

08:50, October 16, 2012

The officers and men of the Engh Hada sentry post, a remote station, of a frontier defense regiment under the Inner Mongolia Military Command (MC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), moved into the newly-built, scientifically-designed, full-featured, bright and spacious barracks on October 7, 2012 just ahead of the long freezing winter.

At the same latitude with Mohe County, Engh Hada is located at the source of the Heilongjiang River, opposite to Russia and the 300-kilometer-odd depopulated zone of the Great Khingan is on its back. Due to its abundant mineral and fishery resources, the region has saw increasing illegal activities in recent years, and therefore, the officers and men of the Engh Hada frontier defense company are faced with heavy supervision and control tasks.

According to Liu Xide, instructor of the frontier defense company who has been devoted to frontier defense work for 15 years, the new three-storey brick and concrete barracks, featuring gray tiles and white walls, integrate living, recreational, medical and combat readiness facilities. The indoor temperature can be maintained at around 20 degrees centigrade even in coldest winter.

With more than 30 kinds of new materials, new equipment and new technologies, the new barracks are equipped with ten major systems, including solar-powered and diesel engine generating systems, ice-melting water system and heat tracing drainage system. Besides, the new barracks also have such facilities as pigsty, vegetable plot, energy-efficient sunroom, large fresh vegetable cellar and deep well, with the overall support conditions improved significantly over the past.

According to leaders of the Inner Mongolia MC of the PLA, with the official use of the new barracks of the Engh Hada sentry post, new barracks have been available to all the companies under the Inner Mongolia MC of the PLA stationed in tough border areas including forest, grasslands and Gobi.

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