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PLA Chorus wins Moscow Autumn International Chorus Contest

(PLA Daily)

08:34, October 16, 2012

In his book entitled Home and Life Rules for Musicians, Robert Schumann wrote that "in chorus and orchestra the noblest of music finds expression". Nowadays, chorus art has been developing rapidly, and it has become not only an indispensable index to measure a country's culture and arts, but also a sign of a nation's cultural literacy.

In the just-concluded the 8th Moscow Autumn International Chorus Contest, the Chorus of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) competed fiercely against 15 strong chorus teams from six countries and eventually carried off the gold award, the highest award of the contest. Besides, Li Yuning, a distinguished conductor, and Li Cheng, a young conductor, won the gold conduct award respectively, while Shi Hui, a young accomplished performer, received the best piano accompaniment award.

The PLA Chorus, and the world-renowned Russian Red Star Chorus and the People's Army (KPA) Merited State Chorus of the Democratic People's Republic of Korean have represented the level of art development of their own country and highlighted national spirit to the world.

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