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3 killed as Indian Navy's helicopter crashes


15:40, October 15, 2012

NEW DELHI, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- An Indian Navy's helicopter Monday crashed while landing at an airport in the western state of Goa, killing all three personnel on board, sources said.

"The mishap happened when the Chetak helicopter of the Indian Navy was landing at Dabolim Airport in Goa around 10:00 a.m. ( local time). While landing, the chopper suddenly broke off and caught fire. Two pilots and a naval diver on board the helicopter were killed," the sources said.

The chopper was landing at the airport in Goa enroute to the southern state of Karnataka's Mangalore city from Mumbai for refueling when the incident happened.

The airport has been closed for the movement of civilian planes till the debris are cleared, the sources said.

A probe has been ordered into the incident, they added.

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