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Stop using 'arms race' to tell tales about China

By Zhong Sheng (PLA Daily)

10:11, October 09, 2012

China has never joined and will never join any form of arms races. All the attempts to make the slander that China provokes arms race or lure China to jump into the trap of arms races will turn out futile.

The news about the delivery and commissioning of China's first aircraft carrier "Liaoning ship" has attracted widespread concerns. The Chinese people are very excited and proud of it, and it is acceptable to most countries all over the world. However, some overseas media have reacted with mixed feelings and showed conspicuous attempt to make use of it and hype up a new round of the theory of "China's military threat".

Aircraft carriers have come into beings for nearly a century. China is the tenth country in the world and the last one among the 5 permanent member countries of the UN Security Council to own the aircraft carrier. The United States alone possesses 11 aircraft carrier battle groups. It's quite normal for China to own an aircraft carrier.

China has long been victimized by the "gunboat policy" of foreign powers. It has been Chinese people's strong wish to strengthen the national defense capability and safeguard the integrity of our country's territory and sovereignty. China's military force has become totally different from what it used to be. The history of China being bullied by various foreign powers has gone forever. As an ancient Chinese saying goes, "Don't do to others as you would not have them do to you". Despite the powerful growth, China will never use her strength to bully the weak. Those countries which tend to tout their power and take frequent occasions to launch their attacks against the weak and small countries have no place to make carping remarks about China's development of aircraft carriers.

China needs a strong Navy to guard her long coastline and vast marine territory. As the world's second largest economy, China's economic relationship with other countries in the world has become increasingly close. Against the background intertwined with multiple threats to security, such as local conflicts, natural disasters, terrorism, piracy and others, China is not only facing serious challenges in safeguarding her own overseas interests, but also bearing a heavy load of responsibility of maintaining international peace and security. The escort mission that the Chinese Navy has carried out in the waters off the Somali coast for consecutive years has proved the fact that China is a big country brave to undertake responsibilities. The strengthened naval power of China serves not merely to reinforce the power of peace in the Asia-Pacific region, but also to benefit the stability of world peace.

Despite the rapid development for 30-odd years, China's attributes as a big developing country haven't changed. Developing the economy and improving people's livelihood is the top priority for the Chinese government and people. China's possession of an aircraft carrier will neither change the strategic balance of the region nor alter China's strategic intention and development route. China has never joined and will never join any form of arms races. All the attempts to make the slander that China provokes arms race or lure China to jump into the trap of arms races will turn out futile.

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