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PLA photography exhibition held in Beijing Military Museum

By Yan Meng (People's Daily Online)

17:24, September 29, 2012

PLA photography exhibition jointly hosted by the PLA Daily and the Photojournalist Society of China opens in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution on Sept. 26, 2012. (People's Daily Online/Yan Meng)

By Yan Meng, People's Daily Online

In order to welcome the 18th National Party Congress and celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the photography exhibition "the general's feelings - one hundred generals' photography exhibition" jointly hosted by the PLA Daily and the Photojournalist Society of China was held in Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution in Beijing on Sep. 26.

In this exhibition, more than 380 photos on various subjects taken by 171 generals are exhibited. In a direct, vivid and visual way, the photos show how the armed forces of China carry out the national defense and military constructions, make preparations for military combats and effectively fulfill their historical missions in the new century and new era since the 16th National Party Congress.

From unique angles, the generals shot many enthusiastic and touching scenes of various kinds, such as battleships sailing on the wild sea, fighter planes flying over the snow plateau and the escorts in Gulf of Aden and Somalia. The photos with strong visual impacts record touching scenes of hard-training PLA officers and soldiers and show the image of the PLA as a mighty, civilized and triumphal power.

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