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Aircraft carrier protects peace

By Yang Yi  (China Daily)

13:20, September 25, 2012

After 10 test sails, China's first aircraft carrier will be in service soon. This has caused widespread concern among the international community, with foreign media claiming China is putting more pressure on Japan amid the intensifying discord over the Diaoyu Islands. Some have even been speculating that the aircraft carrier will take part in military operations against Japan, and if so, this will have a huge impact on other countries that have maritime territorial disputes with China, resulting in a deteriorating external diplomatic and security environment for China.

In fact, there have been all kinds of criticism and speculation about the aircraft carrier's presumed role.

However domestically, most people have welcomed the news that the country's first aircraft carrier will soon be in service. Although, some people think that it has done more harm than good spending so much money to refit an old aircraft carrier rather than building a new one, and some have expressed doubts about the combat effectiveness of a remodeled vessel.

Nevertheless, the development of aircraft carriers is an important part of China's national defense modernization, in particular its naval forces, and this aircraft carrier is an essential stepping stone toward its own more advanced aircraft carriers in the future.

When all the major powers, and even some small and medium-sized countries, own aircraft carriers, it is natural that China should have its own aircraft carrier. To achieve China's great cause of national rejuvenation, China should not only be a land power but also a sea power. While China is facing the threat of various external security challenges, the development of its aircraft carrier has become the common aspiration and will of the entire nation.

After it comes into service, the aircraft carrier will be mainly responsible for scientific research and training missions to accumulate the experience and technology necessary for China to build a more advanced aircraft carrier platform in the future, and to explore and gain practical experience for equipment development, personnel training and joint military operations within the navy and with other military services. In a sense, the aircraft carrier can be seen as an "experimental field" for China's modernization of its navy.

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