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PLA has methods to deal with stealth aircraft

(People's Daily Online)

08:24, September 20, 2012

Translated by People's Daily Online

On the morning of Sept. 15, the first "Military Camp Opening Day" activity of Wuhan was held in the Wuhan Air Force Command Center and the military exhibited to residents hundreds of pieces of air force equipment in active service. When a resident asked whether the People's Liberation Army has methods to deal with stealth aircraft, the instructor of the activity from the military said that if enemy stealth aircraft dare to invade China's territorial air space, they have ways to shoot them down.

The political commissar of the Wuhan Air Force Command Center Major General Kang Zizhong said that the "Military Camp Opening Day" activity will allow residents to closely experience the latest scientific development achievements of China's armed forces and effectively strengthen common people's sense of national defense.

At the site of the activity, the Wuhan Air Force Command Center exhibited three anti-aircraft missile systems to residents.

A military expert said that China has made great progress in constructing the integrated modern anti-aircraft system, realized the transition from the second-generation fighter planes to third-generation fighter planes, and China's advanced air early warning planes, anti-aircraft missiles and detecting and commanding equipment of various kinds have been put into service in corps. It has taken China's anti-aircraft capacity to a new level. China's armed forces are able to eliminate any incoming enemy from the air.

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