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PLA Daily:Who on earth is sabotaging regional stability?

(PLA Daily)

08:14, September 18, 2012

The Diaoyu Islands and the subsidiary islands have always been part of China's territory since ancient times. However, the Japanese government not only refused to revoke its erroneous decision of implementing the so-called nationalization" policy, but also tried to splash the foul water of "sabotaging the regional stability" onto China. Well, let us examine just who is truly sabotaging the regional stability.

As shown in modern history, whenever Japan became powerful, it would start for sure to invade other countries. Asia-Pacific countries and the United States have suffered from its crimes. After the World War II, Japan's major politicians went to worship the Yasukuni Shrine over and over again, and kept spreading salt on the wounds of the victimized countries on such issues as the textbook cover-up, comfort women and others.

In recent years, Japan has made many disturbing actions. It has promoted its military strategy of "dynamic defense", upgraded its Defense Agency (Japan Defense Agency) to Defense Ministry, sought armament expansion under various pretexts, purchased advanced warplanes and built aircraft-carrier-like warships, having created regional tension repeatedly.

The Japanese Parliament passed the "Basic Law for Atomic Energy" and the "Institution Act for Aerospace Exploration" amendments in this June. The former added the provisions of "services for security support", while the latter deleted the clauses of "peaceful purposes". In early July, The Japanese government's "National Strategy Meeting" recommended the Noda Cabinet to recognize the "rights of collective self-defense". All these actions have posed challenges to the post-war international order, and shaken the foundation of Japan's "Pacifist Constitution".

Most recently, Japan has seriously violated China's territory and sovereignty on the issues of the Diaoyu Islands, having shaken the foundation of Sino-Japanese relations and brought the relations between the two countries to a very dangerous stage. At the same time, the Japanese right-wingers even clamored to "fully use the national power to strengthen the garrison on the waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands", and voiced such opinions as surpassing the "Pacifist Constitutions" and having the need for Japan to change its self-defense forces into national defense forces.

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