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Drill grounds of PLA's three services bustling with activities

(PLA Daily)

08:55, September 17, 2012

Submarine flotilla sets out at night

A submarine confrontation training based on information system was unveiled in early autumn when the Submarine 323 of a submarine flotilla of the North China Sea Fleet under the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) departed at night and headed straight for the target waters under the starlit sky. The destroyer-frigate fleet and the anti-submarine aircraft of the "enemy" initiated a dragnet three-dimensional search for the submarine. Through frequent changes of directions and evasion as well as deep-dive maneuvers, the submarine successfully steered away from the "enemy" warship's search.

Aviation brigade of PLA Air Force organizes ultra-low-altitude flight training

In early autumn, an aviation brigade of the PLA Air Force organized a large-warplane-fleet, organic and ultra-low-altitude flight training to challenge flight limitations such as low altitude and long flight duration, setting a number of new records for this type of fighters.

After several new-type fighters took off and reached over the pre-determined sea area, they immediately shifted to low altitudes in order to dodge the early warning detection radar beam of the "enemy" and conceal their maneuvering. The aerial intelligence sent back by the early warning aircraft indicated that the time span of the ultra-low-altitude flight had far exceeded that of the past. Brigade Commander Yang Yongfei told the reporters that the significance of challenging ultra-low-altitude flight duration is not merely meant to temper the flying skills of pilots, but, what's more, to enhance the surprise effect of the aviation force's long-range penetration and strike.

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