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PLA makes steady headway in actual-troop drills

(PLA Daily)

08:08, September 13, 2012

Since early autumn, the actual-troop drills of various troop units under the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) have moved into the high gear. PLA officers and men are accelerating the transformation of combat power generation mode with practical actions, striving to enhance their capabilities for winning victories and being on standby for fulfilling tasks of safeguarding state sovereignty, security and development interests.

Maritime BVR precise strike by a flotilla under the PLA Navy

In early September, an information-system-based live-ammunition drill on air-sea three-dimensional offense and defense was unveiled in a water of the Yellow Sea. Several new-type speedboats from a flotilla under the PLA Navy launched BVR (beyond visual range) precise missile attacks on mobile targets.

Nighttime actual firing of new-type missiles by an aviation division under the PLA Air Force

In early autumn, two homemade bombers of an aviation division under the PLA Air Force loading with new-type air-to-ground missiles raided to outside of the fire-defense-area of the "enemy" and fired 4 missiles in succession, all hitting the targets precisely at an airport in the hinterland of desert in northwest China.

Live-shell drill of new-type rocket guns of an artillery regiment under the PLA Army

In early autumn in the depth of Gobi desert in west China, an artillery regiment under the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC), one of PLA's first digitalized artillery troop units, fired several new-type shells and launched rounds of precise fire strikes on various targets.

It is reported that this is the first live-ammunition firing after the PLA conducted information modification to the new-type rocket guns.

Crack shots of live-ammunition firing by a base under the Second Artillery Force

In early autumn, upon an order by the commander of an alternate command post of a base under the Second Artillery Force of the PLA, a missile lifted off from the Gobi desert thousands of kilometers away and headed straight to the target. Shortly, evaluation data from the terminal phase showed: "Missile hit target precisely", announcing a success of the alternate command post to command live firing.

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