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Aircraft carrier to be named 'Liaoning'

(Shanghai Daily)

08:15, September 11, 2012

After nearly a month of rest, China's aircraft carrier starts its 10th sea trial on August 28. The vessel, built on former Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag, is capable of carrying around 30 fixed wing fighters and helicopters and a crew of around 2,000. (CNS/Song Taisheng)

CHINA'S first aircraft carrier will be named "Liaoning" after the northeast province where it was refitted, an expert and military insider said yesterday.

And the carrier's hull number, "16," has been painted on the bow, suggesting it would soon be put into service, Li Jie, a researcher with the China Navy Military Academy added.

The carrier, formerly the Ukrainian vessel Varyag, is expected to be commissioned by the end of the year as all the necessary facilities have been installed and the carrier has passed all its 10 sea trials since last August, Li said.

Zheng Ming, a former department director in the Chinese navy, said: "I once suggested the ship be named after China's Yellow Sea, but was told the authority has decided to name it after a province."

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