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Blood support box fills PLA equipment gap

(PLA Daily)

14:20, September 10, 2012

"The blood support operation box for mobile medical institutions at division and regiment levels under field combat conditions", which was developed and led by Wang Gengyin, deputy director of the Blood Transfusion Department of the Bethune International Peace Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), passed the appraisal by the panel of experts from the PLA general headquarters/departments in late August, 2012. The experts held that the achievement has filled the gap in blood support equipment of the PLA.

The field combat blood support operation box is composed of such equipment as miniature centrifuge, miniature microscope and portable heat sealer.

Wang Gengyin went deep into training sites for many times and solved such problems as operation of equipment in case of power failure in wartime and contamination of microscope optical lens by blood samples.

The field combat blood support operation box has been widely used in 15 different types of PLA units successively, and also stood the test of eight major medical service support tasks such as the peacekeeping operation in Liberia.

Wang Gengyin improved its waterproof and shockproof performances and its compatibility with other medical boxes, making it more adaptive to the needs of medical service support under field combat conditions.

According to the feedback from the troop units of the PLA, the field combat blood support operation box is fully functional. It folds, unfolds and provides supplies easily and can meet the need of blood support in division-level combats.

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