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Time to upgrade China's nuclear capabilities

(Global Times)

10:25, September 07, 2012

According to US media, US intelligence agencies have monitored at least three strategic missile tests by China's Second Artillery Corps (SAC) since late July. The three missiles were, according to US speculation, a submarine-launched JL-2 ballistic missile, a DF-41 missile outfitted with multiple, independently-targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVs), and a DF-5 long-range missile with MIRVs.

The US seems especially interested in the DF-41 missile, which they believe could carry as many as 10 warheads. In August, China announced that the SAC had realized the capability of vehicle-mounted mobile launches for most strategic missiles.

All these pieces of information leave people with the impression that China has a stronger and more credible nuclear deterrence. This is the cornerstone of China's ability to safeguard its national security within a complex international environment.

The Chinese public is engaging in heated discussions over civil society and politics. Nuclear power has almost been forgotten in the realm of public opinion. However, the macro dynamics of international politics will not change based on China's domestic situation. China has to accelerate the renewal and consolidation of its nuclear deterrence capabilities.

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