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Myanmar vice president meets Chinese PLA deputy chief


08:30, September 07, 2012

NAY PYI TAW, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar Vice President U Nyan Tun met with visiting Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) General Ma Xiaotian in Nay Pyi Taw on Thursday and they held discussions in a friendly atmosphere.

U Nyan Tun said Myanmar and China have been friendly for long years with the two peoples enjoying the paukphaw (fraternal) friendship. In recent years, frequent exchange of high-level visits has brought about fruitful results in trade and economic cooperation. The Chinese government has always rendered selfless assistance and support to Myanmar in bilateral and international issues. China is Myanmar's genuine friend.

He reiterated that Myanmar would unshakably stick to the one- China policy and work for the smooth implementation of major cooperation projects.

Ma said China and Myanmar have supported each other on matters related to their respective core interests and other major issues. For most of the years, the development of relations between the two armed forces has been good and achievements have been made in their practical cooperation in many fields, contributing to the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership between the two countries.

China attaches great importance to relations with Myanmar and is willing to join hand with Myanmar in further consolidating and developing the existing neighborly and friendly cooperative ties, he said.

On Wednesday, Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar's Defense Services Vice Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing met with General Ma in Nay Pyi Taw.

Min Aung Hlaing said the potential for exchange and cooperation between the two armed forces remains great and the prospects are broad. Myanmar hopes to continue good communication and coordination with the Chinese side and will strive to raise the level of exchange and cooperation in various fields and further push the overall development of their comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership.

Ma said the Chinese armed forces would like to maintain exchange with the Myanmar counterpart at all levels and expand the field of exchange and cooperation to further develop the relations between the two armed forces.

On the same day, Ma and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar's Defense Services and Commander-in-Chief of the Army General Soe Win held talks and exchanged views on relations between the two armed forces, regional security and other matters of common concern.

Ma arrived in Yangon on Tuesday for a goodwill visit to Myanmar at the invitation of Soe Win.

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