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Taiwan trio see live-firing drill in South China Sea

(Shanghai Daily)

09:00, September 05, 2012

Three Taiwan legislators flew to Taiping Island in the South China Sea yesterday as garrison forces there held a live-firing drill.

Following the whirlwind visit to Taiping, the largest islet in the Nansha Islands, two of the lawmakers, from the ruling Kuomintang party, displayed video footage showing them and the third visitor, from the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, watching an exercise by Taiwan coastguards.

"We were very much impressed by their combat capabilities," Lin Yu-fang, a legislator of the ruling Kuomintang party, told reporters. "Although they are coastguards, they definitely match their marine counterparts in terms of their combat capabilities. We have faith in them."

The second Kuomintang legislator, Chen Chen-hsiang, said Vietnam has emerged as the biggest threat to the Taiwan garrison forces on Taiping.

"When we for the first time sent troops to the islet in the 1930s, the threat was small, but now the threat has become increasingly bigger," Chen said of Vietnam's continued reinforcement of troops in the area.

Meanwhile, local media reports said Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou is planning to visit an island near the Diaoyu Islands.

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