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China, India to resume joint army drills after 4-year hiatus (2)

By Liao Zhengjun in New Delhi and Hao Zhou in Beijing (Global Times)

08:31, September 05, 2012

In a written interview with The Hindu newspaper, Liang said the exchange and cooperation between the border troops of China and India is an important basis for maintaining stability in the border areas.

Before the final settlement of the boundary issue, the Chinese side is willing to work together with the Indian side to jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the China-India border areas, Liang added.

Asked whether China will seek a permanent naval base with expanding efforts in anti-piracy missions in the Indian Ocean, Liang said, "Since the beginning of their escort mission in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia at the end of 2008, the PLA Navy ships have conducted logistical supplies from the ports of Djibouti, Oman, and Yemen," Liang told The Hindu. "According to the need of escort missions and other long-distance voyages, we would also consider having logistical supplies or short rests at appropriate ports of other countries."

"Such logistical supply activities do not have any connection with establishing military bases overseas," the defense minister said.

"Both countries should draw a lesson from history and realize that neither side will benefit from conflict," said Wang Dehua, director of the South Asia Research Center at Shanghai Tongji University.

"India also knows about the insincerity of the US," Wang said. The US had threatened India with penalties if it failed to comply with Washington's sanctions to cut oil imports from Iran.

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