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Chinese and Indian frontier defense troops hold friendship-promotion activities

By Yang Ruofei and Zhang Wenheng (PLA Daily)

08:32, August 24, 2012

Representatives of the frontier defense troop units under the Shigatse Military Sub-Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in Tibet participated in the activities in celebration of the 65th anniversary of India's independence held by the Indian frontier defense force on August 15, 2012.

After a national flag-raising ceremony on the very day at the Nathu La Pass on China-India border, representatives from both the Chinese and Indian frontier defense troops held talks.

Senior Colonel Wang Jiping from the Shigatse Military Sub-Command said both Indian and Chinese frontier defense troops, by keeping in mind the overall situation of maintaining a friendly relationship between the two militaries and the two countries, abided by relevant agreements signed by the two governments and maintained the peaceful and safe situation in the frontier areas between India and China. Through talks and meetings between the Chinese and Indian frontier defense troops, both sides have conducted coordination to handle frontier affairs in a timely manner, which has further facilitated the exchanges and cooperation between each other.

Brigadier Ravi Gadiyaer from the Indian frontier defense force told the Chinese guests that the Indian frontier defense troops are willing to work with the Chinese counterpart to keep expanding the military exchanges on the basis of mutual respect and trust in a bid to develop the relationship between the two militaries and the two countries in an all-round way.

After the talks, representatives from both frontier defense troops watched performances together and exchanged presents.

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