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Cangzhou militia emergency force helps social administration

By Wang Shenghua and Gao Qin (PLA Daily)

08:43, August 23, 2012

The military and local authorities of Cangzhou City of north China's Hebei province jointly issued a document entitled the Opinions on Strengthening the Capacity Building of Military Operations other than War Through Military-civilian Integration at the working conference on the standardization construction of militia emergency force held on August 18, 2012 in Cangzhou, including the construction of militia emergency force into the government's emergency management system in form of local laws and regulations.

Based on military-civilian construction for military-civilian benefits, the city issued a document entitled the Construction Standards of Militia Key Emergency Professional Force to coordinate the use of emergency force of the city. The Cangzhou Military Sub-Command has successively dispatched over 2,000 persons/times of the militia emergency force to participate in 70-odd emergency rescue and relief tasks since the year 2011. The militia emergency force has played a major role in rushing to carry out those tasks.

Hit by continuous torrential rain, the embankment of part of the Old Monument River was breached recently. The militia emergency detachment of the Huanghua City dispatched more than 200 persons to close up the breach upon the order. After strenuous work, they ensured the safety of local people's lives and property.

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