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59th Military Pentathlon World Championship opens in Finland

By Huang Rui and Wei Shilei (PLA Daily)

08:33, August 20, 2012

The 59th Military Pentathlon World Championship of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) was opened on the evening of August 14, 2012, Helsinki time, in Lahti of the Republic of Finland. A total of nearly 200 athletes from 32 countries including China participated in the competition.

The Military Pentathlon World Championship is hosted every year by the CISM. It integrates the basic elements of individual soldier's actual-troop training of the army, including five military competition subjects, namely, 300-meter large-caliber rifle shooting, 500-meter obstacle running, 50-meter obstacle swimming, grenade precision throwing and distance throwing, and men's 8,000-meter and women's 4,000-meter cross-country running.

It is not only a test of the servicemen's will power and skills, but also a stage for the militaries of various countries to display their images and strength in peacetime, thus known as "a war to defend the army flag". So far, the Chinese delegation has participated in the competitions for 124 championships, in which it won 87 world championships and broke world records for 64 athletes/times. The delegation made brilliant achievements as evidenced by the fact that the men's team has won the championship for 16 consecutive years and the women's team has won the championship for 11 consecutive years.

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