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Chengdu MAC enhances troops' long-range maneuver capability

By  Jiang Ning, Guo Fengkuan and Yin Jun (PLA Daily)

08:30, August 20, 2012

"All assault groups should maneuver to the assembly area within 48 hours."

All the participating troop units in the joint ground-air strike training held by the Chengdu Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) were marching urgently toward the preset battlefield on August 15 in the high-and-frigid mountains battered by stormy wind and snow.

Since the fast-flowing waters of the Yalung Zangbo River deterred the armored units, an engineer regiment moved immediately to the site and built up a heavy-duty pontoon bridge within merely 30 minutes. The motorcade of armored vehicles which had assembled on the south bank of the river then wasted no time to file through.

At a frozen col wrapped up in snow, 30 fully-armed officers and men quickly boarded a helicopter for a depth-penetration operation against the "enemy". According to the briefing made by Li Guo, commander of an army aviation brigade, given the specific climate and terrain conditions in the high-and-frigid mountainous areas, the brigade has explored a variety of airdropping methods based on various weather conditions and multiple landing environments, having thus possessed the emergency delivery capacity to project the assault force during the wartime.

For combat in the high-and-frigid mountainous areas, it is particularly important whether the troop units can maneuver into place on time. The Chengdu MAC has focused on the demands of future warfare and explored a variety of wartime long-range maneuver methods and pre-plans.

"The support area of the Chengdu MAC has currently extended from the ground to the air, realizing the long-range three-dimensional projection of the organic troop units at the brigade and regiment levels," said a leader of the Military Transportation Department under the Chengdu MAC. "As a result, the military transportation support capability of the theatre has been upgraded," he added.

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