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Lanzhou MAC conducts IT-based ground-air confrontation drill

(China Military Online)

08:20, August 17, 2012

The Lanzhou Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently held an actual-troop ground-air confrontation drill under information-based conditions in a training field at the foot of the Helan Mountains.

The drill aimed at studying and exploring the organization and execution of the integrated training of the air-defense troop units under the information-based conditions, and innovating and practicing the new training methods based on ground-air confrontation by the information system.

According to the briefing by Huang Yusheng, deputy director of the Military Training and Arms Department under the Lanzhou MAC, to build realistic battlefield environment and make the drill closer to actual combat, the Lanzhou MAC coordinated the troop units of the air force, the army aviation force and the electronic countermeasure force to jointly participate in the drill so that they can conduct joint training with the air defense troop units in the form of actual-troop confrontation.

The biggest highlight of this drill is its successful exploration and application of the new-type air defense command information system. The reporters saw that the problems of shorter communication distance and poorer anti-jamming performance of the traditional communication methods are well addressed through the new-type air defense command system, and the shooting command time is also greatly shortened, apparently enhancing the operation efficiency of the air defense troop units.

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